August Happenings

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on August 5, 2018

Happy August!

I am beyond excited for this month. We have some AMAZING things planned to celebrate our 3 year Anniversary of being the Living Life Oily Tribe. You all have made this possible! We love our tribe & are so grateful for you.

Make sure you are a part of our Facebook group so you can join in on all the fun!

You can join here: The Living Life Oily Tribe

First Up YL Promos, and see below for some special perks just for you!


There is something in here for everyone. Accepting the end of summer and heading right on into fall with these oils growing our wellness arsenal. You ready to hear what we are getting for FREE?!

Yes for free friends! Just for ordering on Essential Rewards! Remember to order on your Essential Rewards to get ALL the freebies and to get your points to redeem for more free product.

 5 ml Spearmint (ER exclusive):
Also a vitality oil, spearmint supports your metabolism: add a couple drops to your water, tea or Ningxia. Wonderful for the digestive system, this is a family favorite in our house, especially for our kids. It is not as hot to the skin as peppermint so topically we use this for the kid’s tummies. This is a MUST have for pregnant mamas experiencing some of those morning (or all day) tummy woes! Rub a few drops over your liver before you get out of bed in the morning and thank me later, ok! And it’s just a yummy oil to diffuse with any of your citrus oils for some added minty freshness. 🌱

 Ravintsara 5 ml (ER exclusive): 
Apply to your chest to breathe easier; this is a must have as we prepare for the fall. Like to make your own chest rubs? Add a few drops of Ravintsara, Copaiba, Frankincense, and Thieves with some coconut oil and you are ready to go! This oil is also known to be clarifying, stimulating, and purifying. It helps to clear brain fog and strengthen your motivation. Who is ready to crush some goals with this oil?

 Wintergreen (15 ml): 
Good for all things MUSCLE related, use before or after your workouts! This oil was a daily one for me during pregnancy – those hips..yep. And now nursing all the time, I am using this oil on my shoulders and the tingling sensation feels amazing. Aromatically, Wintergreen stimulates and increases awareness on all levels of the sensory system so this is a good one to diffuse if you have never tried it. It is also a Raindrop oil- and you know Raindrop oils do ALL the things…. so we love to keep this on hand.

 Aroma Siez (15 ml): 
Gah!! Have you all tried this oil? Well for those Raindroppers out there, you have. Your muscles just melt with this oil. This blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, and Cypress is a travel favorite of mine. Perfect for long car rides or flights, so if you have any end of summer travel, be sure to pack this one with you! Your legs will thank you.

Bamboo Oil Bar: Ok how cute is that little oil display?! 😍 I mean…if there is anything an oiler likes it is storage for our oils – just search our Facebook group for shelf ideas and you will come up with a bunch of posts. I think I am going to put this little one in my office by my Aria diffuser. Where are you going to put yours?

Acceptance: (5ml)  Ok, who is excited about this oil? This is one I do not use enough and this promo is gonna get me using it more often. Acceptance stimulates the mind, compelling us to open and accept new things, people, or relationships in life, allowing one to reach a higher potential.  It also helps us overcome procrastination and denial….like what?!!! Did you guys read that?!! Procrastination, I’m coming for you! (runs to order a gallon!)

 Let me know what you’re most excited about and where you’re going to put that Bamboo Oil Bar!

Friends don’t let friends go through life without oils- amiright?
I mean, can you even imagine your life without Young Living!?- don’t make me do it 😆

🎉To celebrate our 3 Year Anniversary of being the Living Life Oily Tribe, we’re having some extra fun this month!

Did you know that we have 675 members in our tribe?? Say what!?? Yep, That’s 675 people/families who are bettering their lives through Young Living (over 5 Million in all of YL & growing rapidly).
Can you imagine if each of us shared these life changing products w/ ONE new person this month? We would have 1300+ members experiencing these life changing products! 🎉

Soooo… Anyone who gets a friend started with 1 of our 4 premium starter kits in the month of August is entered to win EVERYONE’S favorite diffuser:
the glorious A R I A ($304 Retail Value) 

When you share w/ your friends, help them get started by using your member number!
It’s easy, Simply refer them over to Young Living’s Website and have them sign up the same way you did, but with your member # as the sponsor + enroller.

💰When you do this, you will get a thank you check from Young Living of $50! It’s the best deal ever! You can learn more about sharing here:
or over at our Bloom biz group.

It’s totally ok if you aren’t interested in the business side. You can share with one or two people a month and still get your oils paid for. 💵🌿

💖Comment here or email me each time you refer a friend to get a Premium Starter Kit!!, then Tag them in our Welcome Newbies pinned post in our facebook group to help them get started on the right foot. We are so excited to help more families get healthier this month!


Feel free to reach out to any of your upline leaders if you need any support in signing up a friend.

*** We will announce the winner in September! ***


This month’s giveaway is for our Loyal Essential Rewards members!

To be entered, enroll in Essential Rewards & place your order some time during the month of August.

Then, post a picture here or email me a photo of your August Essential Rewards order when it arrives & I’ll be giving away Allll of this!  *

You can sign up on Young Living’s website or call 1-800-371-3515!

No idea what ER is? Check this out: Wellness Box or a lil video here:

Our Essential Rewards program is AMAZING! You get a customizable wellness box of the cleanest & safest oils & products sent to your door every month! You get free products, cheaper shipping, rewards points, loyalty gifts, and more. You can start or stop the program at anytime making this a stress free program!

I recommend trying our non toxic cleaning supplies, laundry soap, supplements, Ningxia Red (hello ENERGY), kids products, shampoo, make up, and more! You will be SHOCKED at how much these products make a difference for you and your family.

We are committed to using the cleanest products around to support our families health & want to celebrate those who are doing the same! 85% of the start of dis-ease is environmental 😱 -something we have complete control over! You are the gatekeeper of your house 🏡& what you let in! Let’s kick the junk to the curb as we wrap up summer & head into fall!
It’s the perfect time to live healthier, happier lives 🙌🏼💖🌿

🎁 Gifts from us:
100PV orders are entered to win the New Lantern Diffuser
200PV orders are entered to win the Lantern Diffuser & 5ml Wild Lavender(European market exclusive) from the French farm where Gary Young learned to distill Essential Oils 30 years ago.
300PV orders: ALL 300 PV orders will receive this gorgeous 30 oil sturdy carrying case, awesome to keep in your house or take with you wherever you go.
(It comes with a diffuser key chain, label top stickers, plastic cap remover & pippettes)
400PV orders: ALL 400 PV orders will receive a 42 oil sturdy carrying case, complete w/ a diffuser key chain, label top stickers, plastic cap remover & pippettes)
AND… but wait there’s more 😜😉🙌🏼
+ Your choice of a Focus or Immunity rainbow roller bottle perfect for back to school 📚, working days or handling mom life.

+You get 2 additional entries if you process your order before the 10th.

You get entered to win these goodies just for showing me what you ordered!?!? That’s it!🙌🏼🌿

*I’ll be shipping these direct to your home address (make sure it is up to date in your online profile) so the quicker you place your order the sooner you will get your free gift(s).

Cheers to you Oily family &
the best August ever!!

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Lisa, Tom, Charlie & Ellie Gregory
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