A Beautiful Mess

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on May 25, 2016


I had several moments this past weekend where I was overwhelmed with gratitude for where my life has led me & a strong knowing sense that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I was called to do. I’ve struggled to find my purpose in life & have worn many hats. I’m literally tearing up as I write this, (okay, maybe totally blubbering) because life can be crazy hard! & we are often dealt cards that are Not of our choosing, tough things/situations we’ve had to work through, or overcome. I wanted to give up so many times when I was younger. Literally, I didn’t know how I could physically live life because I was so burdened by things that were out of my control or bad choices I had made.

Just being able to uncover this revelation & face the hard things recently (a few year process) has been a very painful process. One that has affected family members & loved ones too.

By the Grace of God go I… 

& somehow, miraculously, I persevered & was able to see some incredibly good things in life & take some risks that have led me to this point. My insanely supportive husband, whose love has covered & helped heal so much of my pain, has been the catalyst for allowing me to seek out wholeness for myself. Guys, I’ve prayed, I even found a lot of solace & hope in my Heavenly Father, & truly believe if it weren’t for my faith, I might not be here, but I still struggled… Daily. 

This weekend I attended a CARE intensive. (The Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education) It was 3 days & it was tough to find the time to be there. My husband, who I will now refer to as Tom, cuz that’s his name 😉 was out of town on a pretty last minute work trip. So many things were trying to keep me from being there. I even missed a dear friends wedding, but I knew with ALL my heart & soul that I HAD to be there, I had to make it happen. 

Thankfully I have an amazing tribe who took care of Charlie Belle (my amazingly spunky 14 month old) & despite 3 nights of very little sleep, every morning, when I arrived at the course, I felt refreshed, present & focused. This Journey of learning about essential oils has been a very spiritual one… The stuff that has tried to deter me is nuts & has made me realize how much joy the enemy (evil crap) was trying to steal from me. 

This Weekend Was Powerful! It was a HUGE full circle experience for me. So much of our physical pain has emotional roots. I believe God gives us tools, & essential oils have been an amazing tool given from God himself & thankfully someone like Gary Young had the courage to step out in faith & re-vive this lost art. This tool has been the aid I needed, the piece I was missing to fully step into my purpose. (Bonus, I get healthier & smell awesome!)

I cannot speak highly enough about the CARE program & the instructor we had, Priscilla Hervey, from the chemistry of oils, anointing w/ oils & biblical significance, to emotional release (my favorite), vitaflex & raindrop technique (kinda like a detox, rejuvenating massage) WOW, just wow. I am humbled by my experience & have a deep desire to help others heal. I’m super excited to have these new tools in my toolbox! I am going to continue my training & pray for guidance in leading my team of oily people, especially really guiding others on their journey, even if it is a beautiful mess. It’s hard to go there with people, but so needed! We all need healing.

When you are willing to feel it, you can heal it.


Right after receiving a RainDrop from the lovely Erica Venanzi.

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  1. You are beautiful Lisa! Thank you for this thoughtful post. I’m so thankful that Oils have brought our paths together again, and it has been a joy to watch you grow. You are so genuine, so passionate, peaceful and loving. Anyone who you lay hands on for healing will be blessed. xoxo

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