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on October 24, 2017

We’re giving away a diffuser!!!

The DESERT MIST DIFFUSER to be exact…. as a special thank you to our Oily family & because we can’t contain our excitement over Young Living’s 3 day FLASH SALE.
*read on to the end of this post for our exclusive Essential Rewards October Giveaways for members of the Living Life Oily family*

For 3 days only- YL is giving an additional 20% off on some of our absolute favorite MUST-HAVES for this time of year.
Powerful oils to help us stay healthy all Winter long and/or some great gifts 🎁 for your friends and family.

ANNNNNNDD since you will need something to diffuse those yummy oils with, we’re gifting someone a Desert Mist Diffuser, simply for stocking up during the sale!

This diffuser is be-a-u-ti-ful you guys and it’s our new favorite. Keep it for yourself or gift it to a friend!

🌱 Here’s the details:

Place any quick order of your favorite oils and/or gifts during the sale (10/24-10/26) and be entered to win! Simple!

Remember the Holiday Catalog’s gorgeous items too:

The more you stock up on, the more chances you have to win.

PLUS you’ll get this month’s promos too with qualifying orders. Amazing. (possibly a 2nd time if you’ve already placed an essential rewards order- YEP- you can get the freebies twice each month!)

50PV = 1 entry
100PV = 2 entries
190PV = 3 entries
250PV = 4 entries
300PV = 5 entries

Once you place your order:

1. Private Message me or email a screenshot of your invoice to LivingLifeOily1@gmail.com

2. If you’re on facebook, head on over to this post here and comment “Ordered!”


*Winner will be drawn by 10/28

See full Facebook post here


Is this your first month on ER? (Essential Rewards/YL’s loyalty program)

🌿So many people in our group have committed to bettering themselves & their families health by swapping out their toxic products(we’ve all been there- no judgement!) for CLEAN YL Products by using Essential Rewards because:

HELLO SAVINGS!- FREE OILS!- & 10-25% back on every purchase {just to name a few of the perks}
Target only gives me 5% (I still love you target 🎯, but now my purchases are mostly decor & baby clothes)

….but the rest of you, I see you… you fall into one of these categories:

1️⃣– you genuinely have no idea how toxic most of the products in your house are. (See facebook post here for some scary facts)

2️⃣– you have heard of Essential Rewards, but you have no idea how amazing it is.

3️⃣– you think YL is just oils & you think- ughhhh a monthly order? Do I have to!? Lol this was me 😂

4️⃣– you’ve downloaded the free Think dirty app & know you want to swap out the junk for the good stuff & Just keep forgetting to go online & set it up!

So I wanted to spoil those who commit to Essential Rewards for the first time ever in the month of October 🎃 -this healthy, life giving, freebie earning, no funny business, cheaper shipping receiving program is all it’s cracked up to be & more! Ya’ll let’s be honest, I’d be on Essential Rewards just to get the Stress Away bath bombs every month! 🛀 … & the extra $40 off the Ningxia Red essential rewards kit! 🙌🏼

But don’t even take my word for it- See for yourself! & get a 16oz thieves cleaner glass Amber bottle from me just for trying it out! Allll the cartwheels.

🌿Login to your virtual office by going to www.Youngliving.com
🌿sign in using your username & password
🌿click on the left tab marked Essential Rewards
🌿Set up your order- you can order ANYTHING you want & the best part- you can commit(scary word but I believe in you) to your health delivered right to your doorstep w/o the need for label reading {cue angels singing 🙌🏼} & stick around for the perks or change your mind & no biggie- You can cancel at anytime (you won’t want to- but having the freedom to do so is…well…. freedom!👌)

Comment on the Living Life Oily Facebook post or email LivingLifeOily1@gmail.com to claim your FREE 16oz Thieves Cleaner Spray bottle!




Post a picture of your ER order on the Living Life Oily Facebook page for your chance to win a Savvy Minerals Brush Set AND/OR Thieves cough drops!

Link to the Facebook post and where to post your picture here


Blessings to you all & Happy Halloween!

In Wellness, Purpose & Abundance,

Lisa & Tom Gregory


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